Shortest Run

A suggestion was made that as it was the shortest day of the year on 21st December maybe we should have a change to our usual training session and do the shortest run of the year, so we planned a route of approx 5k and ran the first one on 20th December 2012. The run is done at each individual’s best pace and the times recorded for comparison.

This is a members only race, the results for the each run are below

20th December 2012

Name Time
Glenn Hooper 20:54
Aldo Mussi 20:57
Darren Small 20:59
Chris Pearson 22:19
Paul Connor 22:59
Alan Davies 23:41
Kristina Newton 23:45

18th December 2014

Name Time
Alex Stephenson 20:41
Chris Pearson 21:10
Steve Fletcher 21:54
Alan Davies 23:17
Sally Cockcroft 24:41
Teresa Halliday 26:38
Becky Wright 27:39

December 2015

 Alex Stephenson 19.14
 Dave Daniels 19.24
Aldo Mussi 21.39
Ade Marchant 21.48
Andy Swindells 23.57
Nicki Davies 24.33
Mark Gilliland 25.02
Sally Cockcroft 25.02
Alan Davies 25.21
Teresa Halliday 26.20

22nd December 2016

Alex  Stephenson 18.53
Guy Walton 20.31
Neil Hale 21.59
Rea 23.38
Alan Davies 23.45
Annette Small 24.21
Nicki Davies 24.23
Tom Cunningham 25.49
Michelle Guest 26.18
Kristina Newton 26.35