Protect yourself

Protect yourself – use sunblock
According to Public Health England there has been a significant increase in the number of hospital admissions for both malignant and non-malignant melanoma skin cancers. Outdoor sports are a high risk and runners seldom use sunblock. The advice from Peta Bee in the Times (March 24th 2015) is to protect yourself
· Apply factor 50 half an hour before running or biking and before you dress to ensure full coverage
· Make sure the sunscreen gives UVA and UVB protection. Use stick formulations or water resistant versions
· Wear a peaked cap and UV blocking sunglasses on bright days
· Cover shoulders, midriff and back
· Sunscreen loses its effectiveness around 2 hours or sooner if you are sweating heavily. Reapply if out for longer
· Dark colours on clothing offer better protection
· Avoid running or biking at midday when the sun is strongest. Remember that even on cloudy days you can be at risk from UV exposure

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